Sam's Story

For more years than I care to remember I worked as a pastry chef in “really posh” hotels – as you can imagine, an utter love of food and being constantly surrounded by it makes it very hard to keep the weight off!

After an alarming health scare a couple of years ago I made a mediocre effort to lose weight, be healthier and overall feel better about myself.  But it wasn’t till a juicing recommendation from a couple of friends that the penny finally dropped and shedding pounds didn’t have to be about calorie counting, restrictive regimes and bland food (I hate bland food!!)  Phil and I experienced so much success from the simple process of juicing fresh fruit and vegetables that we didn’t want to undo it all with unhealthy eating and old ‘bad’ habits.

We also discovered so much misinformation out there as well – from food pretending to be the healthy option yet still loaded with fat, refined sugar and all sorts of unpronounceables to recipes that just don’t work (and if I hate anything more than bland food it’s recipes that don’t work!)

So here I am now, still trying to lose weight, eat healthily and not give in to the “it’s Friday, let’s have a takeaway” spiral that somehow seems to last all weekend!  Care to join me on this journey?

Phil's Story

Having spent 25 years in the corporate world, sitting at a desk and eating every cake brought in by co-workers the doctor unsurprisingly diagnosed me with Type 2 diabetes and on the road to a whole lot worse if I didn’t change my habits.

I was also a confirmed carnivore and carb addict and most fruit and any type of salad or vegetable was never going to be on my ‘must try’ list.  Then a fellow carnivore and devourer of all things potato suggested I at least try juicing, just as a way to get more fruit and veg into me in a more acceptable way than munching on a celery stick – blergh!  Since then my tastes have completely changed.  Yes, I still enjoy a bacon sandwich now and then but I also actively look forward to the healthy things Sam prepares – even salads!  Because the food isn’t bland (who knew hummus with lots of spices would EVER be something I’d crave?!) and I’ve personally seen the results of a healthy balanced diet supplemented with superfoods and I’m now in diabetic remission and off all the relevant medication.

These days I can still be found in the strip-lit hell the office when I’m not Chief Taste Testing Washer-upperer or still working hard in the gym trying to burn off the extra couple of healthier muffins I may have sneaked in.

Nooch's Story

In November 2019 Mum and Dad sadly lost their beautiful pooch "Meg" and I came along to help them fill the gap that she left behind!

I was being cared for by a Dog Rescue Charity in Derbyshire, not really enjoying myself when Mum and Dad arrived, they told the staff that they were looking for a cuddly boy who would love them forever and the staff unanimously said Me! I must have mad a good impression with them!

I jumped in the car and stared my new life, they have lots of big squashy sofas for me to curl up on, beds for me in every room and Mum is always cooking – so I get the odd little treat now and then.

I especially love it when Mum bakes me homemade dog treats too!




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