Sam Morris

Hello! Sam here - the face behind all the food!

A former pastry chef in some of the most beautiful country house hotels, I started this blog to share my passion for really good home cooked vegan food.  Food that you will want to make again and again.  Recipes that will give you the confidence to make cooking and baking at home easy and pleasurable with fuss free recipes, simple ingredients and easy to follow instructions.

I became vegan in 2016 having been vegetarian for about 10 years.  On my social media travels I discovered I’d been very naive in thinking eggs and dairy were cruelty free industries and, as a typical vegan, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!  And so it became a bit of a mission to create recipes that everyone will love, vegan or otherwise.

When I’m not cooking, photographing or writing about food you can generally find me walking my two rescue dogs, Nooch and Baxter, reading all manner of books, watching tennis or, my latest addiction, digital drawing on my iPad.



Spoilt ball chasing, wonky toothed drama queen

I was being cared for by a Dog Rescue Charity in Derbyshire, not really enjoying myself when Mum arrived, told the staff that she was looking for a cuddly boy who would love her forever and the staff unanimously said Me!

My new life involves being spoilt rotten, cuddled constantly and demonstrating my unique and affectionate personality to everyone I meet.




Absolute gentleman when not stalking crumbs

A complete stray, mum doesn’t know my history or where I’d come from before the day she came to collect me.  It’s all a bit hazy to me now I’ve settled into my new life of hugs, kisses, blankets, country walks and treats.  I live for food and will do anything I can to get it, including stealing when no-one’s looking.


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