10 Best Pulses Recipes | Vegan and Vegetarian

Posted in Blog on 13.02.2020

10 Best Pulses Recipes | Vegan and Vegetarian

Our favourite pulses recipes show how simple ingredients can make thrifty, healthy and versatile meals that can easily be exchanged with what’s available!

Not only are pulses cheap and easy to cook (and freeze!) but they’re also packed with nutrients and flavour.  I hope that these 10 of our very favourite pulses recipes, some vegetarian, mostly vegan, can help if you have a bag or tin lurking in a kitchen cupboard somewhere and you’ve no idea what to do with it!


Spiced Baked Beans – breakfast, lunch or dinner these tasty little beans are full of fibre and protein and prove fast food doesn’t have to be bland or over processed!

Baked Haricot Bean and Veggie Fritters – these veggie patties have extra crunchy jackets, are super easy to make and you can easily swap the haricot beans for cannellini beans, kidney beans or even chick peas!  To make them vegan, swap the 3 eggs for 3 tblsp of ground flax seeds mixed with 9 tblsp water and left to stand for 10 minutes

BBQ Bean and Lentil Tacos – cook ’em.  Stuff ’em.  Eat ’em.

Lentil, Haricot Bean and Mushroom Roast – the perfect vegan alternative for a Sunday roast.  High in protein and fibre this terrine can also easily be made ahead.

Fava Bean Shakshuka – rich tomato sauce and creamy soft fava beans give such a lovely taste and texture to my take on a very classic and popular Middle Eastern and North African dish.  Omit the eggs or sub with tofu for a vegan version.

Mushy Pea, Parsnip and Potato Cakes – These light and fluffy cakes are a great way to use up any leftover veg! With their crispy jackets they’re also a super easy side dish, lunch or light dinner!

Lentil, Roasted Veg and Feta Salad – simple ingredients CAN make a hearty meal that’s bright, fresh and satisfying without hours of cooking!  Swap out the feta for crispy baked tofu, olives, herb and garlic roasted chickpeas, or even pickled baby onions to make this vegan.

Split Yellow Pea Breakfast Fritters – move over porridge, this breakfast hungry calls for delicious little fritters and a terrific way to pack extra veggies into your day!

Yellow Split Pea Cauliflower Dhal – sunshine in a bowl right?  Creamy peas and cauliflower gently spiced with ginger, garlic and turmeric topped with sticky sweet red onions and pops of bright cherry tomato.  Deeeelish!

The best darn tootin Vegan Lasagne – even Phil “I’m not a chef” regularly makes this slice of vegan heaven.  Reheats REALLY well too.  A definite Morris favourite in the land of pulses recipes 😉

As a footnote, Hodmedods are our very favourite supplier of all things pulse and grain.  They’re a wonderful British company that, along with UK farmers, has pioneered British grown crops.  They have such a wonderful variety and all are superb quality – trust me, I’ve done the leg work!  Oh and their Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar Fava Beans are my all time favourite snack!


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