20 Delicious Veganuary Recipes

Posted in Blog on 01.12.2019

20 Delicious Veganuary Recipes

Thinking of giving Veganuary a try? It’s a great chance to try eating delicious vegan food for a month and here are some of our very favourite Veganuary recipes. With ideas for breakfast, main meal, snacks and desserts we’ve got you covered!

There are almost as many reasons to be vegan as there are actual vegans.  Almost 😉  For me animal welfare was the catalyst.  I could no longer claim I loved animals yet eat them.  I wouldn’t eat Meg or Nooch after all – even if they wouldn’t be stringy as heck!!  But with so many people becoming increasingly aware of how consuming meat and dairy is impacting our environment and health as well, more and more are turning to a plant based way of eating.  Trying Veganuary recipes for a month is a good way to introduce yourself to just how easy and delicious vegan food can be!

And while the best thing about Veganuary is you can do it any time of the year, lots combine it with their ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and see trying vegan as the healthiest way to start to their year.

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I thought I’d go the food route and show you just how exciting and damn delicious vegan food really is.


We’ve got sweet, savoury, quick and leisurely for the most important (and our personal favourite!) meal of the day.

Split Yellow Pea Breakfast Fritters

Quinoa Porridge with Autumn Fruit Jam

Hazelnut and Chocolate Pancakes

Healthy Cookies

Kombucha Bread

Love breakfast as much as we do?  How about another 40 Vegan Breakfast Recipes for you to try!


From easy meals you can eat from a bowl with just a fork while indulging in your chosen Netflix tipple to leisurely family feasts!

Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Dressing

Easy Vegan Pizza

Green Split Pea and Pesto Stuffed Conchiglie

Vegan Meatballs

20 Delicious Veganuary Recipes

Pasta Salad

Still need some vegan meal inspiration?  We’ve got 40 Vegan Dinner Recipes to thoroughly drool over!  With everything from light spring dishes to filling summer recipes to hearty winter warmers!


There’s a growing abundance of vegan snacks available these days but why not have a go at making your own.  They’re easier than you might think, you know exactly what’s going in them and if you make them while you’re alone there’s no-one to judge you if you scoff the lot!!

Spicy Roasted Cashew Nuts

Vegan Chocolate Protein Bites

Easy Peasy Oatmeal Cookies

Chickpea and Dukkah Crackers

Healthy Granola Bars

Vegan snacks can be as easy as store bought hummus and some carrot sticks.  But if you want something a little different – from on the go bars and bites to decadent donuts and healthy savoury nibbles – we’ve got a little bit of everything with another 40 Vegan Snack Recipes and ideas to bounce you out of a snack rut!


Perfect for satisfying the most ardent sweet tooth, some of these vegan desserts are rich and decadent, others light and (practically) healthy 😉

Vegan Chocolate Pie

(If you make nothing else, I STRONGLY urge you to make this)

Rum and Raisin Ice Cream with Grilled Pineapple

Blackberry Jam Coconut Pudding

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Mini Chocolate Banoffee Pies

Congratulations if you made it this far down the list!  A lot of people (myself included) thought there would be so much you’d have to give up, even coming from a vegetarian diet.  How can you bake without eggs and butter?  What about cheese?  And tofu – well that’s just blergh!

Whatever your reasons for adopting a more plant based diet, let me know in the comments if you’re thinking about or going to try Veganuary.  There’s so much help and support – not forgetting all the yummy food!

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