40 Vegan Dessert Recipes

Posted in Blog on 11.05.2020

40 Vegan Dessert Recipes

Thoroughly satisfy your sweet tooth with these 40 indulgent vegan dessert recipes! Everything from vegan cakes and cheesecakes to pies, vegan donuts, puddings and beyond!

We’re talking full on, no-holds-barred, in your face vegan dessert recipes here.  None of them are particularly healthy.  Because sometimes we might want/need a little something-something to satisfy our sweet tooth desires.  And healthy just won’t cut it.  Healthy has its every day place.  But not today.  Today we’re going to the vegan dessert dark side where there are:

  • Vegan cakes
  • Vegan pies and tarts
  • Vegan brownies and blondies
  • Vegan cheesecakes
  • Vegan ice cream
  • All manner of other vegan dessert recipes and puddings that are pure mana from heaven 😉

Just click the pictures or the links provided below to take you straight to each of the recipes.

Let’s jump straight in with the Grandma of them all – Vegan Cake Recipes

Pistachio Cake with Orange Caramel Syruplight, soft and exceptionally moist vegan cake with a sticky sweet drizzle

Vegan Lemon Bread | from Chocolate Covered Katie

The Best Vegan Sandwich Cakea deliciously light vegan version of the very classic Victoria Sponge Cake with vegan frosting and even a (really easy!) homemade jam!

Vegan Strawberry Cake | from My Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Apple Cakea rich, moist sponge brimming with soft apples and warming spices.  Perfect as dessert or simply with an afternoon cuppa!

Vegan Red Velvet Cake | from Nora Cooks

Vegan Chocolate Banana Breadsuper easy to make as well as moist and rich in chocolate flavour thanks to raw cacao powder and divinely dark vegan chocolate chips!

Vegan Walnut Cake with Coffee Frosting | from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Raspberry and Almond Cake just mix together the dry ingredients, mix together wet ingredients then mix the two together, plop in some raspberries and bake away!

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake | from Vegan Yumminess

Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cakethe yummiest vegan chocolate cake, rich but light and divinely chocolatey with a creamy and fluffy vegan chocolate frosting!

Vegan Pies and Tarts anyone?

Blackberry and White Chocolate Tart | from NM Meiyee

Vegan Chocolate Pieif you only ever make ONE thing ever in your whole entire life .. MAKE.THIS.PIE.  Ultra rich, smooth and creamy this vegan chocolate pie is a complete doddle to make but tastes about as decadent as it gets!

Vegan Apple Pie with Streusel | from Ela Vegan

Chocolate Custard Tartscrisp pastry surrounds a creamy chocolate custard filling!

Vegan Lemon Tart with Coconut Whipped Cream | from Well-Fed Soul

Vegan ‘Egg’ Custard Tart | from Really Simple Recipes (one of the loveliest people I’ve ‘met’ on this internet thingy)

Vegan Chocolate Banana Cream Pie | from My  Darling Vegan

Chocolate Orange Tart | from The Little Blog of Vegan

Vegan Caramel Apple Crumble Pie | from Blissful Basil

I’m not sure I could trust you if you told me you didn’t like vegan brownies (or blondies!)

Cookies and Cream Vegan Blondiesdangerously moreish delicately light sponge filled with walnuts and chocolate chips!

The Best Vegan Brownies – big claim right?  Maybe you should make them and see for yourself 😉

Brownies with Hazelnuts, Chocolate and Peanut Butter | from Blooming with Flavours

Vegan Blondies with Dark Chocolate Fillingrich and creamy hazelnut butter sandwiched between layers of rich blondie batter studded with coconut, pecans and ground almonds.

Gluten Free Double Chocolate and Orange Brownieschocolate + orange + brownies = meant to be match made in heaven!

I wish my school lunch puddings had looked like these vegan puddings!

Baked Rice Pudding with Roasted Fruitssuch a simple recipe but I guarantee it will make you ooh and ahh while eating it!  Topped off with whatever seasonal fruits you have, roasted to perfection!

Vegan Chocolate Pudding Cake | from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

PB & J Chia Puddingdessert or breakfast?  Who cares, eat it twice a day!

Sticky Banana Pudding with Rum Caramel | from A Virtual Vegan

Bread and Butter Puddingin honour of my Dad as this was probably his favourite dessert!  Sticky marmalade, chewy apricots and creamy vegan custard.

Vegan ice cream can be just as rich, silky and creamy as its dairy counterpart. And it’s SO simple to make!

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bars | from Carrots & Flowers

Go Nuts Ice Cream Popsvegan protein bars are crushed into the ice cream as well as nibbly chunks on the rich chocolate coating. They’re the perfect healthy summer treat!

Vegan cheesecakes and mousses are VERY possible without eggs and cream, let me show you how …

Strawberry Cheesecakesraw, vegan and gluten free, these mini strawberry cheesecakes with a nut and chocolate base are smooth, creamy and so easy to make!

Coconut Panna Cotta with Blueberry Topping | from Elephantastic Vegan

Honeycomb Chocolate Mousserich and decadent vegan chocolate mousse with honeycomb essence. Childhood flavours for a seriously adult dessert!

Strawberry Cheesecakes Sundaestransport yourself to summer instantly with this light and fruity vegan dessert!

The best of the rest of vegan desserts!

Vegan Lemon Bars | from Amy Le Creations

Fried Donuts with Grapefruit Curdsuper easy recipe for fried donuts with a crisp, sugary outside and soft, fluffy centre and a divinely sweet grapefruit curd filling!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake | from Short Girl. Tall Order

I hope I’ve tickled your taste buds with this amazing selection of deliciously delightful vegan desserts.  You truly can have your vegan cake (donuts, cheesecake and mousse) and eat it 😉

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