40 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

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40 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Here we’ve got 40 of the best vegan breakfast recipes! Sweet, savoury, hot and cold – brunch ideas for a weekend treat or easy, healthy and delicious weekday favourites!

Do you have a default vegan breakfast?  One that you’re just never bored of?  It’s always toast for me.  Doesn’t matter how many times a week (or even a day) I have it, not in my (currently) 48 years have I ever turned down toast.  With jam.  Without jam.  Various foods piled on top.  On the side of a cooked breakfast.  It matters not – toast is my 100% comfort food home.  I’d get bored in college lectures and dream of going home and having toast.  Dad used to make the best toast – the thickest wedges of crusty bread absolutely slathered in butter.  Ahh, my hips and arse are still thanking me to this day.

But let’s talk about other vegan breakfasts because yes they exist.  And boy are they varied and wonderful.  Oh and yes, there’s toast in amongst this lot 😉

I’ve included our personal favourites, ones that we have on a weekly basis and some that are weekend treat, as well as some delicious looking ideas from other bloggers.

Let’s start with the easy vegan breakfast recipes

If you’re mornings are anything like ours they’re an absolute blur.  I’m very lucky that I get to do what I do at home but Phil is up very early either off out to the gym or work.  So it’s an absolute must to have something that’s made ahead.  Saying that, and with most people being as busy as they are, having a good, healthy breakfast ready is a great way to kick start your day.  No matter if you’re dashing off, getting kids ready or just easing into your day before the chaos and hustle starts.



We love smoothies.  Very portable, easy to consume and absolutely chock full of all the good and healthy stuff.  Or use frozen fruit and enjoy a taste of sunshine!

Baobab Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Green Protein Smoothie – Wallflower Kitchen

Pomegranate Berry Smoothie – Kitchen Confidante



Healthy, filling and so delicious it feels like dessert for breakfast.  Adulting done right.

PB&J Chia Pudding

Chia Chocolate Pudding

Matcha Late Chia Pudding – Choosing Chia

Coffee Chia Pudding – Shivani Loves Food



After toast, overnight oats are probably the most frequently made of the other vegan breakfast recipes – filling and almost infinitely customisable!

Fig and Quinoa Overnight Oats

Raspberry and Baobab Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats 4 Ways – Love and Lemons

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats – Georgie Eats



There genuinely isn’t a week goes by that there isn’t a homemade granola in our house.  In an old ice cream tub in the bread bin because we’re classy like that.

Peanut Butter Granola

Chocolate Orange Granola

Maple Nut Granola – Eat, Live, Run



The perfect grab and go breakfast – make a batch, fill it with all your favourite healthy ingredients and have the ultimate fast food breakfast on hand all week.

Oat and Raspberry Crumble Bars

40 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Caramel Chocolate Protein Bars

Healthy Vegan Oat Bars

Cinnamon Roll Granola Bars



Making  your own delicious fluffy muffins means you know exactly what’s going in them.  Great to have on hand in the freezer for a last minute breakfast panic!

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Carrot Cake Muffins

Vegan Banana Nut Muffins – It Does Not Taste Like Chicken

Vegan Strawberry Breakfast Muffins – Stacey Horler



I’ve been beating a regular drum about healthy breakfast cookies.  Fresh cookies, warm from the oven for breakfast.  Does it seriously get any better?

40 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Cookies

40 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Cookies

Snickerdoodle Breakfast Cookies – Feasting on Fruit

Hooray it’s the Weekend Vegan Breakfast Ideas

(or when you generally have a bit more time)


We have an official Pancake Sunday in our house.  The sacred time honoured tradition of a lazy Sunday breakfast.  Celebrated with giant stacks of pancakes drizzled with something sweet.

Vegan Pancakes

Gingerbread Pancakes

Vegan Banana Bread Pancakes – Elephantastic Vegan



Almost usurping Sacred Pancake Sunday is vegan French toast – crusty, chewy bread cooked to crispy perfection

Vegan French Toast

40 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Vegan French Toast Casserole – A Virtual Vegan



How could I NOT include toast.  Saviour of many a missed meal and perennial favourite.

Greek Chickpeas on Toast – Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan Mushroom Bacon Breakfast Toast – Cotter Crunch



A classic breakfast staple and so easy to make savoury or sweet!

Chive Waffles with Maple and Soy Mushrooms

Cinnamon Vegan Waffles – Where You Get Your Protein



THE perfect way to use up any over-ripe bananas.  Unless you buy extra bananas just to leave them go over-ripe so you HAVE to make banana bread.  Totally doesn’t sound like something I’d do.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Best Healthy Banana Bread – Veggiekins



Missing the egg part in a vegan version of a good old fried breakfast?  Look no further.

Vegan Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Tofu Vegan Breakfast Sandwich



Fill them with traditional savoury breakfast ingredients or push the envelope and try pancake tacos full of seasonal fruits and coconut cream


Summer Fruits Pancake Tacos

Vegan Breakfast Tacos (No Tofu) – Natural Comfort Kitchen


I hope you find something you enjoy from this list.  I can’t tell you how hungry it made me putting it all together!  Don’t forget to pin this page or bookmark it so you have a great reference next time you’re looking for some delicious vegan breakfast inspiration!


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