Top 15 Banana Recipes

Posted in Blog on 01.06.2020

Top 15 Banana Recipes

Ever found yourself with bananas just a bit too black to eat? These top 15 banana recipes make sure you never throw away those over-ripe bananas again!

Did you know that bananas are respectable sources of Vitamin C and B6, can aid digestion and can give you energy without fat or cholesterol.  Bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose and in these top 15 banana recipes we’ve got everything from healthy breakfast cookies to start your day to slightly more indulgent cakes and muffins.

One thing each of these banana recipes does is make wonderful use of those over-ripe bananas that can clutter up a fruit bowl.  Though I do find myself buying extra bananas just so I have some to leave to go over-ripe to make these recipes!

Top 15 Banana Recipes

Bananas provide natural sweetness to a recipe, lessening the need for extra sugar.  They also keep baking recipes moist while adding just a subtle hint of flavour.

Here are some of our very favourite recipes for using up these superheroes of plant based eating …

Apple and Cinnamon Baked Oats – made with just a handful of healthy ingredients these fruit and spice baked oats will leave you satisfied until lunch.  They’re also the perfect make-ahead for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack!

Top 15 Banana Recipes

Antioxidant Smoothie – grab your blender and start your morning off right with this deliciously healthy smoothie packed with fresh fruit and veggies!

Vegan Pancakes – proving that pancakes with no eggs or dairy are just as light, fluffy and easy to make as their more traditional counterparts!

Sweet Hazelnut and Chocolate Pancakes – light, crispy and chocolatey and can be whizzed up in just a couple of minutes for a perfectly sweet breakfast (or dessert!)

Healthy Cookies – with much less sugar than the average cookie and packed with nutrients these healthy cookies are a delicious and convenient breakfast to grab and go or a healthful treat to stave off the afternoon hungries!

Mincemeat and Quinoa Flake Cookies – these delicious cookies not only make use of over-ripe bananas but also any leftover mincemeat still lurking in your cupboard!

Chocolate Orange Spice Mini Loaf Cakes – delicately light and soft these little loaf cakes are full of warming spices and zesty orange flavours!

Ginger Cake – light, moist and gluten free sponge spiced and topped with sticky sweet icing and crystalised ginger!

Pistachio Cake with Orange Caramel Syrup – exceptionally soft and moist vegan cake with a sublimely sticky syrup drizzle!  This is a favourite with everyone who’s made and eaten it!

Chocolate Banana Milk Shake Ice Pops – super smooth and creamy vegan ice cream, naturally sweetened with bananas and fruit syrup

Chocolate Chip Muffins – these bakery style vegan muffins are perfect for breakfast, delicious afternoon treats or on the go snack!

Vanilla and Strawberry Protein Muffins – light fruity vegan muffins with delicious hints of vanilla and a vegan protein boost!  Great post workout or after school snack!

And the grandpappy of ALL banana recipes.  BANANA BREAD.

Vegan Banana Bread – a simple, no frills, one bowl recipe with lots of banana flavour and a moist delicate crumb.  I challenge anyone to ever know this is vegan!

Chocolate Banana Bread – the ONLY way to improve the above banana bread recipe is to add chocolate to it!

And finally, how can we possibly leave out the pups as a great way to use up over-ripe bananas?

Blueberry and Mint Dog Treats – frosty fresh treats if you’re (ahem) bad parents and aren’t as strict about cleaning your beloved pup’s toofers as you should be!

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