10 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Us!

Posted in Blog on 13.09.2017

10 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Us!

We’re not talking deep, dark secrets here, just a few things about each one of us that you probably didn’t know.  Unless you actually know us! 😉

10 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Us!

Sam – The Cook

I got stopped for speeding while on holiday in Florida .. and never paid the ticket!

When I’m developing a recipe I have daytime tv on in the background.  I can’t stand it but I can’t turn it off either!

I never knew my hair was naturally curly till I grew it .. in my twenties!

I don’t like curry in any way, shape or form.  And no amount of “well that’s because you’ve never had a proper curry” trying will ever change that.

I also don’t like coffee.  And I really really wish I did.

I’m an MMO gamer and my alter egos are called Silvermyst and Wyntir.

I don’t like heights.  Even a 3 step ladder makes me nervous (good job I’m short really)

I’m a list making maker of lists.  And I have lists to organise my lists!  Writing this list made me very happy 😉

I don’t know how to not be creative – everything from photography to journalling, scrapbooking and card making.

I have so many freckles even my freckles have freckles!

Favourite Recipe: Date and Nut Spiced Fruit Loaf (I can’t stop eating it!!)

10 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Us!

Phil – Him

In 2016 I lost nearly 4 stone in weight, reversed my type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and completely changed my eating habits.

I often forget I’m nearly 50.  I play too many computer and console games and like to wear hoodies and trainers

My full time job is to work as a techy computer programmer for a huge multinational manufacturing company.  I have no idea what I’m doing but no-one there seems to have realised yet!

I have 4 piercings and 3 tattoos.

When confronted with technical things I always tell people that “I don’t understand because I only have a GCSE in woodwork”.

I don’t have a GCSE in woodwork.

I can’t swim

I never ate a banana till I was 44

I like fast cars – I can’t really afford a properly fast one but make do with what I have

I crave peace and quiet.  Living on a housing estate, tranquillity is often hard to find.  When we can afford it we love to take a cruise to Norway and experience the clean, fresh air and dream of how wonderful it would be to live in an environment like that

I love my family – until my wonderful wife came along I was somewhat drifting, no clear direction and lost in a haze of all all the things you do when you’re a 30 year old who still thinks he is 18.

Favourite Recipe: Vegan Lasagne

10 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Us!


I love fruit and veggies, especially banana, cucumber and roasted broccoli.

I love going in the car and will create havoc if I think I’m going to get left behind.

I used to leave most of my food when I arrived at my new home.  Now I eat every single scrap and go looking for more.

Mum and Dad say I have the infamous Staffie yodel.  Apparently this isn’t quite as cute as it sounds.

I love my Kong toys.  They’re the only toys I don’t destroy within seconds.  Literally.

Under the duvet, wedged between Mum and Dad is my favourite place to sleep.  They think it’s because I don’t like being cold.  It’s really because I love the smell of feet.

Foot licking is my favourite way to show humans how much I love them.   Turns out not everyone enjoys their feet being licked.  I like to keep testing to see if they’ve changed their mind though.

If it’s raining I will NOT go out.  NOPE.  Not happening.

I could fart you into oblivion if I put my mind to it.

I have missing teeth, a bit missing from my tongue and scars on my face and head.  Mum and Dad say it adds character.

Favourite Recipe:  Blueberry, Mint and Yogurt Treats

10 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Us!

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